This wedding was such a special day. I was so truly honoured to be there to document it all for Grace & Adele – beautiful couple.

Their story is a modern-day fairytale romance……After Grace and Adele got engaged, Adele headed overseas for 9 months, with her job as a barrister in the navy. They wouldn’t see eachother again until just 1 week before the ceremony. So Grace took on the task of organising the wedding from their home in London – seriously, this girl should become a wedding planner, there was NOTHING left undone!!! She did such a brilliant job.

On the wedding day the girls decided to get their hair, make-up and put their dresses on together (they were not going to leave eachother’s side all day, after being apart for so long!). This meant that I literally got to hang out with both of them together from early morning and witness how in love they are with eachother.

Once they were all dolled up, the 3 of us headed off in a taxi for a little pre-wedding shoot around London town. It was just so perfect, easy-going and waaaaaaay too much fun shooting these girls. London has amazing backdrops and we could have stayed out all day but it was time to head back for their drinks reception. All their friends and family were waiting to greet the girls. Once again, this was genius planning on Grace’s behalf as everyone was so relaxed going into the ceremony after a few glasses of champagne. Spirits were high and love was definitely in the air. EVERYONE (including me) cried like babies throughout the ceremony. Both Grace and Adele walked down the aisle with their proud dads. Poetry and beautiful wedding vows had everyone in constant tears of happiness.

After the ceremony, the guests immediately went for the meal and then speeches followed. Cue all the tears again!!! Once everyone had recovered from the amazing speeches, they hit the dancefloor. The DJ was a total character, who I think believed he was playing Glastonbury or something of the like. Crazy dude! It set the scene though as there wasn’t one guest sitting down. Everyone was going nuts on the dancefloor.

Grace and Adele never had a first dance together – they shared this with everyone at the wedding. They included their friends and family in every aspect of the wedding but never took their eyes off eachother once throughout the day. It really was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever photographed. Thank you so much Grace and Adele for flying me over to London to spend a weekend with you all. I’ll never forget it. XX