Andy & Karen got married on July 15th this year, at Clonabreany House .

I Loved EVERYTHING about this wedding! Karen & Andy are so madly in love with eachother. Photographing them was such a pleasure and they were SO MUCH FUN to hang out with!!

Andy called me the week before the wedding to let me know he had a little secret from Karen…… the plan was, when the ceremony ended lots of very talented friends and family were going to stand up with guitars and sing Karen’s favourite song, and the whole congregation were to join in singing. Karen was completely blown-away when this unfolded, not knowing where to look as more and more people stood up and joined in with their guitars and singing. It was such a brilliant, special moment.

Afterwards, from the shoot in the fields, to the vintage ice-cream van , the day just got better and better. Thanks so much Karen & Andy!! X