Wow, that was a quick year!! Scanning back over 2015 has brought back so many memories – such a great year!

I started 2015 with a slightly different job than normal – I was a new mother to baby Sam. The new love of my life. Mind you, if I ever complain again about getting tired on a wedding, I really need to remind myself of all those sleepless nights when Sam was teeny tiny but with the energy of a duracell bunny!!!!  So began my juggling act of being a full time photographer and a completely shell-shocked new mammy. Let’s just say that the ‘Best Granny of the Year’ awards go to my mother & mother-in-law  for all the help they gave to me in 2015. They are both just brilliant! – my husband Paul helped out from time to time too 😉

My main thanks for this year goes to all my amazing couples who asked me to photograph their wedding day. I slowly made my way around the country and got to be part of some really beautiful weddings. I also had the most patient couples as we regularly battled rain, wind, and on the odd occasion, too much sun (yes, that is a thing from time-to-time in Ireland!! Rare though!) All of this was done with laughter and LOTS of craic.

THANK YOU 2015, you have been a rollercoaster. Roll on 2016!!!

Happy Christmas Everyone! Jx