I’m still in christmas mourning and so I decided to have a look over the last year of my weddings to cheer myself up & ease myself back into work mode. What a year!! I seriously lucked out in 2016.

Before a wedding day, I generally only meet the bride & groom, so when I land into the bride’s house on the morning of the wedding and am greeted as though I’m a long lost relative, I know I’ve hit the jackpot. I just love being transported for one full day into someone’s family. It’s such an honour. This, for me, is what weddings are all about – family. I have met the nicest families in 2016. Each and every one brought me into their homes with open arms, allowed me to roam & photograph every single moment that unfolds. It never ceases to amaze me.

As for my gorgeous couples – thank you so much for all the trust you put in me. I know I get hyper, excited and ramble like a mad person when I’m shooting the couple sessions, so I loved that you get wrapped up in the enthusiasm of it all too! It’s always waaaay too much fun!

Thank you all so much & here’s looking to a fab 2017!

Julie x