When I look back at this wedding I can’t help but smile – Cormac & Linda are ‘the craic’! They’re the type of couple that you want to hang around with all the time!  Spending time with them before and on their wedding day was such a pleasure.

The day started with Cormac delivering gifts to Linda on the hour, EVERY hour, until she left for the ceremony. Basically, everyone cried (including me!) every hour at the creativity and generosity that just kept on coming!!! My favourite gift was the last one – it was a poster that said “You’re the chocolate at the end of my Cornetto”, which is a line from their favourite song and also their first dance! And they say romance is dead?!?!?!

Cormac had also spent the guts of a year learning how to make the perfect craft beer, which he christened ‘Hoppily Ever After’ – a gift for each member of the bridal party! They made one for me too – it was AWESOME!!!

I’m not sure where to start with all the quirky little details they added to the already gorgeous Ballymagarvey Village –

They decided on a woodland rustic theme with lace, burlap, sunflowers, jam jars etc.  Linda’s cousin cut down one of the old trees on her Grandfather’s farm and they used them as their centrepieces. Then they asked Cormac’s mam who is an amazing knitter to knit the cake toppers.

They loved the idea of jam jars so they asked their mam and friends to collect empty jars for months and even went to a few car boot sales to buy lace curtains and little bits and pieces cheaply.  They also love the odd bottle of wine, collecting the corks from all the bottles they had together since they moved in with each other. They thought that it would be great to use them in some way in the wedding, so decided to use them as name holders for all guests. For the invites they kept the jam jar and sunflower theme going and for the table names, they used numbers that were important to them like the date they met, their apartment number, and how long they have been together.

Cormac & Linda put their heart & soul into the wedding. There was nothing they didn’t think of to make it as personal as possible. I was so honoured to be part of this beautiful wedding. X