I promised myself that I would share more personal photos on this blog in 2016 and I haven’t really kept up that promise at all. I’m quite lazy at blogging about weddings so my personal work most definitely gets pushed to one side constantly. Anyway, here goes with a little post about a recent trip I took to Rome to attend a photo conference called ‘Way Up North’.

Way Up North was an experience I’m not going to forget anytime soon. It was a conference that was anything but stuffy. Set in a beautiful theatre in central Rome, it was decorated with fairy lights & cactus plants. Each speaker had something interesting and inspirational to say. Everyone had different approaches and life lessons learned along the way but the message was really clear…… FIND.THE.LIGHT. This seems simple, right? For me, this was huge! I had fallen into the same trap as most other wedding photographers who love to complain about the Irish weather, certain wedding venues, time constraints on a wedding day – all excuses that are nothing but negative. If I took anything away from the 2 days at Way Up North, it was to change my attitude. Look at all the usual negatives on a wedding day and turn them into positives.

I am absolutely addicted to shooting weddings and love every part of my job, plus I have also realised that actually Ireland has the perfect light, rain or no rain!!!

Here’s a few snaps from wandering around Rome. Sunshine and Shadows. X